Thursday, 31 January 2013

Geisha figurine cake

Geisha cake. The dress is a stacked cake and the face is covered in sugars and chocolate decorations. It stands at 2 ft high. 





Monday, 14 January 2013

Colin Firth cake

Colin Firth book cake with sugar tea cup and sugar cigarettes

Colin Firth cake, packed for a flight.   On arrival, fake tea was poured in the cup to look like a half finished cuppa

It was a rich fruitcake, her favourite, carved as a book, and covered in icing, with a sugar cover of the novel's first edition (edited to include a picture of the actor).  From the teacup to the cigarette pack, everything on this display was edible and made of cake and sugar pastes.  Fake sugar tea was poured in the cup before serving. Real tea would be easier but would melt the cup.

I really enjoyed making this and bringing it to her in France on my surprise visit.  I love making personalised cakes that reflect a person's life and interests. People are always amazed when they receive a cake that's about them.

A different sugar cup on a different cake, but this is how it looks once the fake tea is included.

Apple pies and pains au lait