Saturday, 9 February 2013


A big chocolate birthday cake, and a lovely comment received from someone "passing by" and getting a slice at the party:

 Ms Rolley,
...  I am generally not a great fan of black forest cake but if I may say so the cake you created is the best black forest I ever had.
It has the right texture on the sponge cake (most others I tasted are very crumbly and thick) whereas you sponge cake is soft but not too soft at the same time it is not dominating in the cake. The layer of chocolate mousse on-top was at the right texture and both this chocolate mousse layer and the cream where not hiding the flavours of the fruit by being too oily or buttery. The dried chocolate pieces on-top had the right texture and crunchiness. A truly superb cake where all flavours and textures came together naturally. I have never, ever tasted such a great texture cake.  ...Thank you, it was wonderful.

Apple pies and pains au lait