Sunday, 16 November 2014

FROZEN cake with Elsa and Olaf

Here's a pretty "Frozen" cake delivered today in Kensington, London for little Elsa who turned 6.     Olaf looks great on a cake; he;s a character with so much personality.  Here he is hand-modelled in sugar and I was pleased with the likeness, even if his 4 hair strands and his carrot nose  (also sugar, not carrot) took me well over an hour to refine!

  Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf
Elsa and Olaf

Olaf made of sugar, will not melt in Summer

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wedding at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, St James's, London

This is a wedding cake I made and delivered today for a wedding breakfast at {10-11} Carlton House Terrace, a beautiful Regency venue off Pall Mall and overlooking St James's Park (the venue has been used for "Bridget Jones' Diary", "Sherlock" and "Mr Selfridge").

The pristine high tier 5000 pearl design with a loop bow topper was interpreted from elements and clear specifics supplied by the bride and groom. The tiers consisted of rich chocolate, vanilla bean and lemon cakes torted with  fillings of  luxurious chocolate ganache, French artisan jam and fresh organic lemon curd.  

With special thanks to James and the friendly staff at this wonderful venue, and my very best wishes to the happy couple.

(Flowers by Mary Jane Vaughan) 

Similar quotes on request.   Gadrooned edge silver polished stand available to hire

Sunday, 13 July 2014

That is one nutty hospital

Here is a repaired dog figurine from a cake I made last year for a mom's 60th birthday.  It had been damaged when the cake was served but the customer wanted to save it. As a courtesy service, I took it back and fixed its broken legs, ears and tongue, then placed it on a display board with new balloons and a miniature cake reproducing the original so that she could give this to her mom as a keepsake.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beautiful cat cake

This life size beautiful cat cake was made as a surprise for a 40th birthday party at the Merchant's Tavern in Shoreditch this week.  No parking, so  I dropped it off and run and didn't see anyone but heard later that the reaction from everyone at the dinner was fantastic. I loved how the cat's face turned out full of personality and it's so far one of my favourite designs.
Edited 1 July:  I have just received this lovely comment by email:
"I was presented with Anne's cake by my girlfriend at my 40th birthday dinner at the Merchant’s Tavern. It was a sculpture of my cat Myshkin, which had been made to reference by photos my girlfriend provided. I was astounded - the likeness was incredible, and everything was edible, down to the extravagant ribbon round his neck, and the detailed birthday message around the circular base of the cake. All my guests broke into applause and cheers, and one friend leapt across the table to point out the 'split ear', an injury from a fight that has become Myshkin's trademark. His pose was perfect, the way he positions his paws and tail, also his cheeky face and name tag. The cake tasted even better than it looked - it got devoured - and was the perfect finale to a fantastic evening. Anne is a very talented cake maker! Max

And second, you got a lot of animal magnetism
Beautiful Cat cake

I don't like you

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wedding fondant fancies

Here are some pretty and delicious wedding fondant fancies delicately decorated with white cosmos sugar blossoms.   Fondant fancies such as these are an elegant alternative to wedding cupcakes.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Japanese style for an English wedding

This beautiful wedding cake, "Powder Pink" is a modern Japanese inspired design from my signature collection and was selected by a lovely bride and groom to serve at their wedding dinner at Thackeray's restaurant in Tunbridge Wells.  In the background and on the tables, are some of the beautiful Ikebana style flower arrangements by my favourite florist.  

'Powder Pink'.  Selected by the bride from signature collection
A Michelin starred wedding dinner is hard to follow but I tried to do so with a Fraisier style base tier, Sacher torte inspired middle tier and Rose petal jam top tier

The elegant bride and groom
Friendly and attentive staff at Thackeray's were a pleasure to work with

Outstanding flowers and attention to detail 

Friday, 28 March 2014

New signature design: "Trianon birdcage"

Introducing "Trianon" to our original signature design collection, a fresh and modern birdcage design in soft pastel powder colours. Accented with delicately piped swags, beads and graduated pearls, it it has a very adaptable vintage feel that is great for modern weddings and baby showers.  Trianon can be made in any arrangement of pastel colours and can be perfectly assorted to macaron wedding favours and towers.  Seen in its original 3 tier design below, it will serve up to 70 guests, and for larger weddings, either cutting cakes can be supplied separately, or for a grander display piece, it can be made in a 4 or 5 tier version.    
 Themed as the cutest baby shower cake

Given a chic Art Deco wedding feel with black and white Anemones

A beautiful large English rose handmade in sugar gives Trianon a  romantic and elegant vintage wedding style
This will look wonderful surrounded lush bloom arrangements in a beautiful country venue or garden setting.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Pretty wedding cupcakes based on a course design and below, a lovely comment received thereafter:

"I'm not sure they award Michelin Stars for cakes but if they did, probably you would be way above the highest rating. Very nice texture on the cupcakes, soft, not greasy and the cream had a velvet feel to it. I'm not French but the word I would use is "Magnifique"!! Thank you."


Friday, 31 January 2014

Silhouette Wedding Cake

Silhouette cakes are the ticket at the moment.   See this beautiful trend setting black and white silhouette wedding cake in the latest issue of  "Wedding Cakes, A Design Source" magazine out 31st January.


Apple pies and pains au lait