Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beautiful cat cake

This life size beautiful cat cake was made as a surprise for a 40th birthday party at the Merchant's Tavern in Shoreditch this week.  No parking, so  I dropped it off and run and didn't see anyone but heard later that the reaction from everyone at the dinner was fantastic. I loved how the cat's face turned out full of personality and it's so far one of my favourite designs.
Edited 1 July:  I have just received this lovely comment by email:
"I was presented with Anne's cake by my girlfriend at my 40th birthday dinner at the Merchant’s Tavern. It was a sculpture of my cat Myshkin, which had been made to reference by photos my girlfriend provided. I was astounded - the likeness was incredible, and everything was edible, down to the extravagant ribbon round his neck, and the detailed birthday message around the circular base of the cake. All my guests broke into applause and cheers, and one friend leapt across the table to point out the 'split ear', an injury from a fight that has become Myshkin's trademark. His pose was perfect, the way he positions his paws and tail, also his cheeky face and name tag. The cake tasted even better than it looked - it got devoured - and was the perfect finale to a fantastic evening. Anne is a very talented cake maker! Max

And second, you got a lot of animal magnetism
Beautiful Cat cake

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