Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Certified Cake Geek

Among all the cake blogs and websites around, one I really admire and my favourite for inspiration is Cake Geek who really stands out as the most reliable compendium of current trends in cake design.   The site is a beautifully edited journal full of amazing pictures of the best work around. It's just a joy to look at and I am so flattered to see that my signature Trianon 3-tier birdcage cake below with its macaron pastel colours and miniature bunny and lamb figures has been included in their latest feature on Bunny cakes.    It's a sweet and elegant cake with a French feel, perfect for a baby shower or birthday.  See it with other designers' wonderful work at

The Trianon cake looks amazing in a display of lovely cupcakes, macarons, covered cookies and meringues in pastel colours and also makes a lovely romantic wedding cake when decorated with sugar flowers.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Easter cakes

I love Easter.  Here are some vintage style Royal Icing Easter cakes I made with the guidance of the great Eddie Spence MBE



Apple pies and pains au lait